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Welcome to VELUX® Skylights Blind Shop

Lighting Needs

Find the right blind for your lighting needs!

Block out the light

VELUX Blackout Blinds provide optimum blackout - both day and night!

Soften and diffuse the light

Practical and decorative solutions that complement your choice of furniture and decoration. The wide range of Roller and Pleated Blinds give you the choice of over 60 different patterns and colours .

Adjust the light

Explore the VELUX world of Venetian Blinds. Simple operation and a choice of colours.

Keep insects Out!

Sometimes it's not just light that a window can let in. The VELUX Insect Screen is operated manually and can be fitted on all VELUX Roof Windows

Blinds on this website are for VELUX skylights manufactured as of
January 1, 2010. Contact us at 1.800.888.3589 for blind options for previous models.