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Accessoires pour stores

Accessoires pour stores de puits de lumière tels que télécommande et trousses de domotique
  1. VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Control Starter Kit

    VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Control Starter Kit

    The sensor based control system monitors the climate in your home and automatically adjusts the ventilation of your skylights and position of your blinds for a healthier home. Kit includes; Climate sensor, Departure switch and Internet gateway

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  2. VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch

    VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch

    Securely close skylights and activate ‘safe mode’ for automatic, secure ventilation. Purchase an additional departure switch for easy access to activate the safe mode. Suggestion to place switch at the main exit points of your home

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  3. VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor

    VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor

    Constantly measures temperature and air quality (humidity and C02). Purchase an additional sensor for other rooms with VELUX operable skylights

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  4. Moustiquaires pour fenêtre de toit
  5. Clavier mural -  KLI 110

    Clavier mural - KLI 110

    Wall mounted keypad

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Blinds on this website are for VELUX skylights manufactured as of
January 1, 2010. Contact us at 1.800.888.3589 for blind options for previous models.